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Launching “Munich Artificial Intelligence Laboratories”

by Imdat on April 4th, 2017

Finally! We are now launching our own company: munich artificial intelligence laboratories GmbH i.Gr.

The site is under construction, but there is already some information available.

What do we do?

We offer consulting, software & tools regarding the practical use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning to all companies in Europe.

Specifically, we offer services in these areas:


Among other topics, these are our focus areas:

  • Process Analysis: We analyze the customer’s processes and identify those that are easiest and fastest to automate. Examples here are customer support, machine failure-prediction (IoT), document-classification, …
  • Best-Approach: We help our customers to define the best approach on implementing the right ML/AI-system
  • Team-Setup: We help our customers to setup their own in-house ML/AI-expert teams. Since we believe that ML/AI should be one of the future core competencies of every company, we recommend to build these things in-house thus keeping all the know-how, AI-models and data in-house.
  • Organization Development (OD) Strategies: We help our customers to identify the OD-challenges generated by the introduction of ML/AI int he organization and setup plans, trainings, and more to face these challenges efficiently and effectively.
  • ML/AI-Training: We train the newly setup teams on best-practices wrt ML/AI.
  • Organizational Structures: We help our customers to setup the best possible organizational structure and processes in any such new teams or any impacted teams.
  • Holistic View: We view the introduction of ML/AI holistically and consult our customers on every aspect of an ML/AI-introduction, including the impact on people (employees) and overall society (e.g. customers).

Software & Tools

We provide our customers with various tools & software, among which are:

  • Data Conversion Tools: various tools, in source code, that are used to convert data
  • Data Modeling: Tools that help in modeling the data before usage in ML/AI-projects
  • Anonymization: Tools that help in anonymizing data
  • AI/Deep-Learning Models: Various pre-trained models, including their generating source code
  • Materials: Research papers, findings, and more – targeted to make ML/AI-development and implementation more flexible and efficient


Additionally, we offer research services to companies, i.e. our customers can hire us directly as a “Research Department”, either with specific topics or on general, broad ranges of ML/AI-technologies, processes, and more.

If you are interested in what else we offer in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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